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Who We Are

This place was first known as

The Mansion, founded on October 30, 2003, at Lion's road corner Taft Ave. in Pasay City,  a 550 sqm lot area,  An Old yet so Classic House built sometime during the Spanish time, (i can say that, because of the antique finished of the house structure such as it's unique floor tiles design, window grills that was built so strong but no welding marks), from the door knobs to water faucets and the shower heads are so classic, and was maintained and preserved as it was, we only added some features like, the long Bar that was made from door panels, Shower cubicles, a Dry Sauna and the 3 ft deep Swimming Pool with drinking bar in the middle of the pool,

Our eleven(11) glorious years of stay in that Old House left us so many memories to cherished, But since She was really too old and already starting to deteriorate, the safety of the members  is now compromised, though its not that easy to just leave Her, we have no other choice.

On July of 2014, we decided to move into another place that we found in Brgy. San Isidro, an equally nice place in Makati City, the new house is a little smaller but with enough place to start and build another dream was then named as The We'reHouse, after so many repairs and improvements made,

finally it became so cozy, yet so homey and eventually became the second home for most of the members because of its very relaxing ambiance, specially the native kugon finished terrace that we constructed, it's has an over looking view of the Dry Sauna, Jacuzzi with western shower that was all placed outside the main house in an open air,  not to mention the Outdoor Drinking Bar. the We'reHouse turned to be a real nice place to be, every members are beginning to love the atmosphere.

But unfortunately after merely 3 years, a very devastating incident happened, on June 23, 2017, at around  9 or 10 in the morning, we were awakened by the neighbors in panic, shouting and mocking us about the fast spreading Fire inside,  it was already too late for us to be able to save anything or to be able to think of whatever when we woke-up and regain our consciousness, we rushed outside the burning house empty handed, not able to save a single piece to clothing except for what we are wearing. 

After only an Hour, fire-out was declared, we were allowed to enter the We'reHouse,  seeing all the ashes and other residue of the fire gave me the feeling of giving up and surrendering,

Everything  i have  worked for, the struggle and the hard work for more than 14 years just to create a place like this is now nothing but Ashes.

But how would I give up when there is an overwhelming support, messages of encouragement from my dear members giving me all the braces I will need in order to stand still and not to collapsed.

so, in an instance, a very brave decision was made , I will continue the journey that I have started.

and on Mid of August of the same year, just like the Phoenix we arise from the ashes with great determination, we found a new place in Sandejas St. (back in Pasay City), again, we were in construction mode for a month or two to make this place into another  Home for you, and we re-opened on September 30, and our new place  was called 

eSPAcio de Sandejas, that can now offer a round cozy Bar, a leveled stage for weekend show, wet area includes Dry Sauna, Jacuzzi with Hot sprinkle, a Japanese & Western style showers, an Amphi Theater,  and a wide spacious activity area to roam and chase around, and a massage room with straight masseurs, a friendly staffs which will make you feel at Home.

After a year, on it's first Anniversary, we decided to renamed the new place, We are now known  as the  Altermale Exclusive,

But we are yet satisfied with our current location and decided to look for a much better place to offer you, and early of year 2020, we found a four(4) story building back in San Isidro  Makati.

and again, an endless renovation and repair to our new found haven started on February, and we are able to start our operation on March 08, 2020, But unfortunately, we refrained from continuing our operation and comply to Community Quaratine due to Pandemic Covid-19 issue.

Our new place is now ready to serve you as soon as our Government lift the community quarantine order,

As of the moment, Covid-19 remain to be an endless nightmare, We decided to modify our Business into a Transient House for us to be able to continue serving our members with extreme safety protocol of Gov't.

Here at Altermale Transient House Exclusive,  we can now focused on providing  a discreet Haven for bi-sexual men with the highest levels of guest satisfaction and we can accommodate members who wish to stay overnight with our unique space to sleep  – we are bound to do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Packages are available to choose from of however you wish to stay and enjoy the place with a affordable price, we will make sure you’ll be happy and satisfy staying with us.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you soon!

From theMANSION to theWe'reHouse to eSPAcio de Sandejas to ALTERMALE Excl. and now to ALTERMALE Transient House Exclusive, after so many unforgettable good and bad memories,

We are very proud that we are turning 17, Strongly Standing still and Fabulously Shinning...

Take care and Stay Safe

Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

Thank you for all the support

your K'Dale

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